AEG Spare Parts Cork, Munster

Authorised Agents For AEG Spare Parts

We carry a huge selection of spare parts for all makes of washing machines, tumble dryers, cookers, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, microwaves and vacuum cleaners at our shop in Frankfield not far from the Kinsale road roundabout.

We sell vacuum cleaner bags, hoses, filters, extension bars, brushes, air fresheners, cooker rings/hotplates, switches, control knobs, seals, oven and grill elements, thermostats, grill pans, oven racks, door catches, washing machine door catches, locks, gaskets, hoses, carbon brushes, bearings, fill and drain hoses and extension kits, belts, switches, thermostats, tumble dryer elements, belts, stats, catches, locks, dishwasher cutlery baskets, wheels, pumps, catches, elements, motors, refrigeration stats, fan motors, bulbs to mention just some.


authorised spare parts agents cork, munster, AEG

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