Problems with Dyson Lack of Suction ?

If you own a Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner and have noticed a drop in suction power then you may have a blocked hose or the dust filters could be clogged.

To check for a blockage

In the hose,disconnect the hose from the vacuum and drop a euro coin in one end of the hose and if it doesn’t come out the other end you have a blockage,normally it will get blocked at the curved arm/handle side of the hose which can be clipped apart to clear the blockage.

If the hose is clear then one of the two internal dust filters could be clogged they normally can be washed out or if they are too bad then it is better to replace them.If you are in doubt about how to remove the filters bring your vacuum to one of our two shops and we can advise and supply new filters if needed.