Do you own a frost free fridge freezer?

Are you having problems with the temperature in the frost free fridge freezer, is the fridge section not being cold enough while the freezer temp is ok?

The cold in the fridge compartment in most frost free fridge freezers is forced by a fan up through an air duct from the freezer ,where the air is drawn through the evaporator.If one of the doors of the fridge freezer isn’t closed properly and has been left open for a period of time you will get an ice build up in the airways between the freezer and fridge compartment,if there is enough ice in the air duct then the cold air cannot travel between the two compartments therefore making the fridge warm.Leaving the fridge to defrost with both doors open overnight should defrost the ice build up,and when you turn the fridge on next morning the temperature should be correct once the freezer temp starts to drop.If the problems return within a week or two and you have made sure the doors have been kept closed then you will need an engineer to look at it.