The Speed Burner in this gas hob from Electrolux is designed to reach the bottom of pots and pans quickly. Delivering a faster, more powerful flame while saving up to 20% on energy.

Maximises safety as you’re cooking

The extended design of the pan supports on this appliance provide even better stability for pots and pans of all sizes when you place them on the hob

Sleek and stylish cooking


Our sleek and stylish hob looks at home in any kitchen. Its modern lines are designed to complement your home’s style, so you can add that extra touch of class without the need to remodel. And, of course, it takes your everyday cooking to the next level, too.

Finely-tuned flame


Take control of your hob with our responsive gas taps. They enable you to easily adjust the level of the flame so that you can always cook over the right heat.

Hobs Dimensions 595×510
Aperture dimensions HxWxD in mm 510x560x480
Max power gas, W 7800
Cord Length 1.1
Hob safety Thermocouple
Dial 3000W/100mm
Rear – Power/Diameter 1900W/70mm
Right front – Power/Diameter 1000W/54mm
Right rear – Power/Diameter 1900W/70mm
Gas supply: natural gas G20 (2H) 20 mbar
Gas replacement G30/G31 (3+) 28-30/37 mbar, With
Additional Injectors
Gas replacement No
Residual heat indicator No
ProdPartCode All Open

Additional information

Weight 7 kg


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