Whirlpool BLF8121OX 60cm 1.88m Freestanding Less Frost Fridge Freezer – Steel




Whirlpool freestanding fridge freezer – BLF 8121 OX.1
This Whirlpool freestanding Fridge Freezer features: inox
color. Optic Inox design with anti-fingerprint protection. A
tall appliance to fit your family needs. Glass shelves,
providing both robustness and elegance. 6th SENSE sensors,
that automatically lower the temperature inside your
appliance when new food is stored, reducing energy

Forget frost formation. The innovative LessFrost
technology features a unique evaporator wrapped
around the freezer cavity, rather than in between the
freezer drawers, to ensure a drastic reduction of frost
6th sense
Up to 30% energy savings. 6TH SENSE technology
monitors the temperature inside your freezer, and
automatically boosts freezing only when required.
Cost-effective and eco-friendly.
Fast cooling
Fast cooling. The temperature inside your refrigerator
drops immediately, when new food is stored. Built-in
sensors automatically adjust cooling temperature,
ensuring low energy consumption and prolonged
310 – 340 l capacity
All the space you need. This Whirlpool fridge-freezer
combination is designed to provide all the space you
need to comfortably store your food and drinks.
Easy to clean. Anti-fingerprint treatment ensures
fingerprints, dust and scratches are easily removed.
Cleaning is easier than ever.
Energy class A+
Outstanding energy efficiency. With its A+ energy
rating, this Whirlpool appliance will allow you to enjoy
both ideal performance and excellent energy
Absolute beauty. This Whirlpool appliance is part of
our Absolute Collection, featuring exquisite design and
details. Enjoy both ideal functionality and outstanding
Perfect installation in every corner & side-to-wall
Effortless installation. This Whirlpool Fridge Freezer is
designed to be effortlessly installed and positioned in
any corner, or side-to-wall, providing you maximum

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Weight 6 kg


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